Had the chance to collaborate with Icon Media once again to work on a new Kobo launch, this time for the new Kobo Elipsa.

This is the "Director's Cut" with some ideas that were scrapped in the process.
It was a nice exercise to avoid the high fantasy from the previous spots and create a more "grounded" reality.
Project: Kobo Elipsa
Date: April 2021
Production company: Icon Digital
Producers: Jared Pelletier and Kyle Kelly
Editor: Eric Shum

CG Artist: Luis Mejia
Modelling: Ben Pilgrim

Dir Cut:
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Moberg

Here are some early styleframes for this project.

Had so much fun with this project at the beginning of the year.
It was nice to finally being able to put my 2D and 3D skills into the same project.
Studio: Tantrum Studio
Creative Director: Dominik Bochenski
Producer: Rebecca Mackiller
Product Comp & Color Correction: Dominik Bochenski
3D Design and Animation: Luis Mejia

Icon Motion got awarded this project for the Canadian launch of their new (at the time) Q8.
This video was used as a teaser just before the actual car reveal, during an event.

Special thanks to Jeff Briant for always recommending the best talent and just overall great dude.
Agency: XMC
Date: August/Septmber 2018
Production Company: Icon Motion
Producer: Justin Lee
Technical Director: Anil Mohabir

3D Artists:
Holographic world modelling: Linus Zoll
Shading and Lighting: Nemanja Ivanovic, Linus Zoll
Car Rigging and Particles: Jacob Berrier
Animation: Jacob Berrier, Joel Rieger, Luis Mejia

Director's Cut:
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Moberg
3D Artist: Luis Mejia

Kobo came to Icon Motion in May of 2018 for another product launch video, this time for Kobo Clara. The idea was that the device would power up a lighthouse and light up the user’s reading life. I had the amazing opportunity to work with Jeff Briant and Patrick Letourneau on this 3D spot, and learned a lot from them. My work mainly consisted of animating the device section and assisting in texturing, lighting and some basic work in comp and edit. We also brought Jeff Moberg to help us with the sound design and bring the piece to life!

Project: Kobo Clara
Date: May 2018
Production Company: Icon Motion
Client: Kobo
Executive Producer: PJ Lee
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta

CG Director: Jeff Briant
CG Artists: Jeff Briant, Patrick Letourneau, Luis Mejia
Compositors: Jeff Briant, Patrick Letourneau
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Moberg

Kobo worked with Icon Motion in September of 2018 for their second product launch of the year, this time for their high-end device, Kobo Forma.
With a different shape from previous models, the largest screen for a Kobo device and a lightweight design, the team decided to go for a cloud aesthetic across the video to highlight these features.

It was a great opportunity once again to gather a dream team, learn and hone our skills.
Special thanks to Jeff Briant, not only for helping us bring this talent for the project but also for his guidance during its development.
Project: Kobo Forma
Date: September 2018
Production Company: Icon Motion
Client: Kobo
Executive Producer: PJ Lee
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
CG Artists: Nemanja Ivanovic, Jacob Berrier, Luis Mejia
Compositors: Luis Mejia
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Moberg

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