Opening title sequence and some extras pieces for the Kobo Emerging Writer Prize 2019.

One of the last project I did with Icon Motion back in May-June of 2019. We wanted to do something different from previous years were Kobo only had a slideshow with all the nominees and eventually the winners.

We decided to honor and immortalize them in a digital museum, where we not only see them but we also see these "relics" of the past and that make allusion to the history of writing.

Project: Kobo EWP
Date: June 2019
Production Company: Icon Motion
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
Design and Animation: Luis Mejia

MLSE approached Icon Motion as they needed to update the graphics package for one of their shows on NBA TV Canada, Raptors Today (RT). We created a variety of 3D titles, including an Intro, Outro, bumps in and out for each segment, and a transition they could use between shots.
Project: Raptors Today
Date: October 2017
Production Company: Icon Motion
Exec. Producer: PJ Lee
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
Direction and Styleframes: David Mayzis
Animation, Design and Final render: Luis Mejia

American Express reached out to Icon Motion this summer to help create two videos for their Merchant Marketing series, Icon brought us together once again to tackle this project.
Project: AMEX Merchant Marketing series
Date: August 2019
Production Company: ICON Digital Productions
Sales: Kyle Kelly
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
Character Design: Jacqueline Lai
3D Design: Luis Mejia
Character Animation: Jacqueline Lai & Jeffrey Brown
3D Animation & Final Compositing: Luis Mejia

Here are the final 3D sets I designed for these spots.

This project was also an amazing opportunity to learn Marvelous Designer, to dress some mannequins that were in the store, still a lot to learn but happy with the result.

Opening title for the Canadian Credit Union Association and their annual Impact conference. They provided their branding for this year's conference as guidelines but gave us creative freedom on how to approach the opening sequence. Having a bold type logo for both their company and the conference, I decided to stretch some type animation and go back to basics and build up their logo letter by letter.
Project: CCUA Impact
Date: April 2019
Production company: Icon Motion
Producer: Alyssa Molfetta
Production Coordinator: Kaitlin Churchill
Design and Animation: Luis Mejia

Does it comes in black?

Initial styleframes

Final frames

Toronto Region Board of Trade needed a graphics package for their annual dinner, including a show opener for the main event, a recap of the event with title cards for interviewees, and an ending animation.

Once the client provided the logo for this year’s edition, I jumped into designing some frames with the title of the event in mind. I used a type-heavy design, using the text as masks for footage showing different business sectors resembling the logo, supported by an ever-changing grid and the transition from general to specific markets, from a single path to a connected world. With this direction approved, I decided to stay away from the traditional lower thirds and created a more graphic-heavy treatment for the title cards, integrating the footage with the frame and colours. The client decided to tone these down for the final delivery.
Project: TRBOT - 130th Annual Dinner
Date: January 2018
Production Company: Icon Motion
Producer: Alicia Wilson
Designer and Animator: Luis Mejia

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