Icon Motion got awarded this project for the Canadian launch of their new (at the time) Q8.
This video was used as a teaser just before the actual car reveal, during an event.

Special thanks to Jeff Briant for always recommending the best talent and just overall great dude.
Agency: XMC
Date: August/Septmber 2018
Production Company: Icon Motion
Producer: Justin Lee
Technical Director: Anil Mohabir

3D Artists:
Holographic world modelling: Linus Zoll
Shading and Lighting: Nemanja Ivanovic, Linus Zoll
Car Rigging and Particles: Jacob Berrier
Animation: Jacob Berrier, Joel Rieger, Luis Mejia

Director's Cut:
Music & Sound Design: Jeff Moberg
3D Artist: Luis Mejia

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